Saturday, February 7, 2015


The weather was surprisingly nice, the sun was out all day and people were actually OUT the house and doing something outdoors - make the best of it, bitches!!  Because you KNOW we have an ice storm that'll cripple DFW for a couple days or more and usually around MFing EASTER!!

And since I was all hopped up on 15MG of Adderall, coffee and couple red velvet powdered mini donuts, I took advantage of the fun weather, blasted Jan Terri in my truck and headed down South Cooper around the UTA area and checked out the nice comic store formerly known as Lone Star Comics (forgot their new name LOL) and picked up the first two issues of the newly revamped Star Wars comics by Marvel - was told issue #3 is due soon.  I'm more excited about the future prequel-era comics by Marvel, but this will suffice til then.  Right now, it's the time of the Original Trilogy cast once again - except in the style of retired Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy from SBSP!  Geriatric Galactic Fun!!

Nextdoor to the comic place is the sole surviving CD Warehouse in the entire DFW area, and got a used copy of En Vogue's Masterpiece Theater from 2000 - the followup to their awesome 1997 album EV3 (after lead singer Dawn Robinson left the group to go solo, leaving the other three ladies to continue EV - hence "EV3" - just like when the original 4-member Destiny's Child became "DC3").  I've only heard the single "Riddle" and the concept album that is Masterpiece Theater borrows melodies and hooks from famous classical music from Bach to Beethoven, lyrics added and made into modern tunes in the style of R&B and hip-hop.  OK then, we'll see how this sounds - once I get it ripped/sync'ed with my iPod for convenience.

And got a couple other things while out today at Dollar General - I didn't even know they still made Mello Yello!  WTF?!?