Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Everything Is Not Yet Lost

I do a little scrapbooking and one of the non-photo pages is a collection of fortunes I'd been saving here & there since at least the mid 90's.  I couldn't find any China themed scrapbooking pages at any of the craft stores like Michaels, so I had to settle for a sticker sheet with real Chinese decorations and lamps, parade floats and things like that.  This one below looks pretty worn, so I'd say in C-ville with friends or around that time in the 90's.  

Nothing special to report here, not sure if I'm going out of town for the 4th yet.  LOL on Monday at my Dr. appt., I clocked 170 lbs!  Just two weeks ago, I was 172 at the last appointment.  Prolly because of my rhubarb gluttony and I believe it's a dietetic, like grapefruit is.  I don't care, I enjoy rhubarb for about the same amount of time I put into Halloween - approx two months.  It's only in season around here late May/June through July/August each year and I've already frozen plenty for the rest of the year.