Friday, July 5, 2013

Tommy Chong Clowns Colbert

This is a couple years old but one of my favorite recent-years Tommy Chong interviews, back when that ol' drunk and bawling skank, Paris Hilton, was being taken away in the back seat of a police car.  Which by the way, >I< thought was effing HYSTERICAL - nothing's more amusing than the face of entitlement just cracking and melting when they're told "NO, BITCH!".

As some of you might not know, Chong's became an advocate of using hemp oil as treatment for prostate cancer, which had originally been discovered in his case around the time he'd served a short prison sentence for selling bongs, hookah's, or whatever.

Come on now, JABBA had a hookah pipe - why can't ANOTHER legendary gangster like Chong have one - or a few?  IMO, he was just selling blown glass and basically metal odd and end pieces.  Who gives a fuck?  It's not like he was selling the actual 420, and there's plenty of old timers who STILL smokes tobacco or whatever legal herbs with a hookah.  We even have so-called "Hookah BARS" in Arlington, TX!

Anyway, enough defending my ONLY favorite living hippie - prepare to crack the hell up, classic Tommy Chong!