Monday, July 1, 2013

Isis AKA "Walgreens Cat": Rescue Kitty #2

I'd found Isis hanging around outside of a Walgreens about 4 years ago and because it was near a busy intersection near the stadium and she appeared friendly, I brought her home.  My vet scanned her LOL and she was "chipped" - but when I called the 800 number and keyed in her ID #, the owners hadn't turned in the form with their contact info.  To make a long story short, she became a member of the family.

She's gotten better but she used to attack shoes, which leads me to believe she was abused and kicked so maybe it's a GOOD thing the original owner's hadn't given their address.  She'll confront me and stare me up and down like she's taller than me!  Her favorite toy - the 6ft ladder, hangs out and keeps an eye on her arch rival, Chloe.  And she loves to play maul, doesn't break the skin - Her original nickname (and name on her vet records) was "Walgreen's Cat" but now I call her "Nosey" (gets into EVERYTHING) and "Jaws: Revenge"!