Friday, April 4, 2014


Another new WatchMojo "top 10" list of serial killers and Dean Corll gets not one mention.  Texas must have done a really good job sweeping all that under the rug.  Over 30 known victims, I'd say at least 20 more that haven't been found yet.  Ed Gein only killed like two people, how did he make the list?

Dahmer (#1 on the list) had 17 victims, none were tortured, all of them were strangled while passed out from a mix of alcohol and pills.  Corll, on the other hand, would strap them to a board and torture them, radio turned up so nobody could hear.  With two brothers not old enough to drive, strapped them both to the board and had them beat on each other with the promise of letting the survivor go - both were found buried in the boat shed.  One was shot in the mouth with a pistol while strapped to the board and stayed like that all day.  

Either America isn't informed at all on this case or America holds crackhead prostitutes in higher regard than children and teenagers.