Friday, July 18, 2014


Because my date tonight to see The Purge: Anarchy was exhausted and has a flight tomorrow and will be out of town for the next few days, we decided to postpone seeing it until next Friday.  And I'm thrilled with that because I hate going to see a huge film on opening night - with the exception of Freddy VS. Jason, me and my friend Ronnie were there with bells on with that long overdue film's opening night.  No hard feelings on the raincheck, it'll give me a week to actually find and rent the original The Purge film before seeing Anarchy.  It's 100% all good ;)  There's a difference between talking and rescheduling and being stood up LOL!! ;)

And with that, I'd gone to Half Price Books to replace my very helpful wireless headphones - the original brand I had gotten there was Sylvania and $5 more.  I'll give this one a try - I can listen to my YouTube subscriptions while cooking, doing laundry or anything within 30 ft of the transmitter.  You can use it with PC, iPod, MP3, whatever.

I'd found the Revenge Of The Sith PS2 game a couple years ago for a steal and had began playing it but gotten stuck.  These Prima guides have been a great help in the past, especially with the Kingdom Hearts series.  

Also, check out what they had displayed on an island - if one Half Price Books store has it, many others do as well if you're interested.