Thursday, March 6, 2014


When we finally get a full nice weathered weekend, I need to get outta town for the first time in a decade LOL and what better place to go than Houston, poke around the Heights area where a majority of Dean Corll, Wayne Henley and David Brooks' "Houston Mass Murders" was finally uncovered in 1973 (technically, that was Pasadena, TX where it finally ended), and more or less crack open Pandora's box a little while I'm there.  I might get my ass in trouble, but you know, whatev.

And while I'm there, I plan on partying a little too!  If I'm going all the way to Houston, you can bet your ass I'll find the clubs or something!  

Something's just drawing me to the Houston area.  I better bring a Ouija board and some black candles!

Dead victims of Dean Corll and party til ya drop WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!