Saturday, March 21, 2015


Whoever makes this Don't Hug Me I'm Scared BS is something fucked-up!  Thanks to viral videos, I've had the misfortune of seeing a pelican eating (or attempting to eat) smaller birds like pigeons, baby ducks - taking 20+ minutes while the bird is shaking it's head around like it's got one of those wind-up alarm clocks going off inside of it's bill.  Looking stupid, gross MFer's! LOL

And this duck puppet with his uncooked chicken at a picnic.  That's the most fucked-up picnic I've ever seen, next to a family reunion at the park!

These guys are supposed to be getting a show sometime in the future - I don't know if YouTube (other than their channel)/Netflix or if some TV station like Comedy Central is dumb enough for a trendy 1-season-wonder.  But with weed being legalized in more states, it might last longer on TV than I'd assume.  Just like why Teletubbies lasted for as long as they did - do you REALLY think it was just kids and babies watching that show?  Sober?

When we had that first snow/iced roads about a month ago, my truck slid, hit the concrete wall thingie on 30 going west and busted out my signal light and bent the fender but not too badly and thankfully nobody else involved but me and that stupid wall!  Insurance is fixing it and it's gonna be in the shop at least until Monday and now I think I'm starting to lose it if I'm peeping at THIS sheeit.

 HURRY UP!!  I can use a friend's car but I hate being low to the ground, I prefer the height of a truck seat!  Like MINE!