Thursday, March 12, 2015


Because of the smaller screen, ANY Gameboy game is unnerving to play - unless you're just totally bored outta your mind and have no other gaming options. 

Q*Bert is one of the earlier non-color Gameboy games but it does have a couple pluses: for one, the cube setup isn't just the standard 1983 pyramid, but different shapes and themes.  Obviously this is a port of the super-fun Q*Bert 3 for the Super Nintendo/SNES - just not in the same exact order and also includes similar extra characters and opportunities for bonus points.  

The other plus is, for me, the controls are perfect because it's exactly how I configured the controls on the late 80's original Nintendo NES port of Q*Bert (ex: left and down arrow to move diagonally down-left).  If you play either one using your PC keyboard, your fingers get quite the workout.