Monday, March 16, 2015


LMAO I love how Wendy trolls and fucks with celebrities from singers to actors, disguised as "Ushi", a Japanese reporter, and her sidekick.

Here, she's interviewing The Weather Girls before Izora (blonde wig) passed away.  She and Martha Wash were first Two Tons O' Fun - backup singers for Sylvester who got their own record deal together.  And in the early 80's, changed their name to The Weather Girls to coincide with their hit (and fucking annoying as hell) single "It's Raining Men".  Martha went on to sing for C+C Music Factory, Black Box, other groups plus her own club 12" singles.  Izora contined The Weather Girls with her daughter substituting for Martha Wash.  I'm not sure of the group status now.

LOL@ Ushi asking where Diana Ross was, as if she had them confused with The Supremes.