Sunday, March 8, 2015


Because their choreography was unnerving most times, the only thing I could appreciate by Maurice Starr's follow-up to early 80's boy band New Edition (featuring Bobby Brown and future Bell Biv Devoe members) was their music.  Preferably the ones WITHOUT the word "girl" in every lyric line.  That shit gets on my nerves too.  I guess that's why I lean more to liking Menudo over all other boy bands.  They were from Puerto Rico and my Boricua's and their families know how to have a good time! ;)

After their popularity started to wane - A LOT - in the early 90's, Jonathan Knight would often leave the stage during their live show and not return because of having panic attacks.  He recorded vocals on a couple of their next and final album's singles and gone through with the album photography, and that was pretty much all Jonathan had to do with Face The Music from 1992.  His brother Jordan stayed  in NKOTB with Danny, Joe and Donnie.  

But not for long!

I believe they cut short the supporting Face The Music tour with just four members.  To my Minnesota Supremes fan-friend Jason's thrill (a NKOTB megafan since he was a kid), all five members reunited in the early 2000's, teamed up with BackStreet Boys as a 10-member act and recorded an album together.  And still performing to their audience who grown up with them and their kids.

I don't care for the much shorter and edited single mix of "If You Go Away" from 1992 - I can only accept hearing the full-length LP version with the vocal outro what reminds me of the 90's group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ("Crossroads" was their big hit).  And here's that extended mix: