Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Juice is one of the very few country artists I can tolerate because she combines rock with country.  Years ago, my former best friend had a bunch of her early LP's with the group Silver Spur which I'd digitized from his vinyl and made into CD's (the best I could, anyway).  

And then maybe 3-5 years ago, all 4 or so of those "Juice Newton & Silver Spur" albums got a first-time on CD reissue!  Oh well, experience recording vinyl, I hope he got word about those reissues because I'm sure they won't stay in print for a long time.

Juice managed to cover "Tell Her No" I believe originally by The Zombies in the 60's ("Tell Him No") - during her mid 80's hard rock/synthesizer phase and makes it over the top with steel drums and a Jamaican flavor.  Allright.

From my YouTube channel: