Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Thanks a lot for spoiling my appetite, Nate! LOL  I'm pretty sure this beastie never even had the acts she's complaining about done to her - ever.  And if some man was thirsty enough to touch her with anything other than a 50 foot pole, he must have been drunk off that barrel-bottom malt liquor sheeit!  

I haven't had my spinach alfredo pizza fix in forever and Cici's is the only place I know of that does it decently, so while I was waiting on that, went into that tiny gameroom and for the first time ever played that Star Wars Trilogy arcade - the one that flies you automatically and all you have to do is aim and blast AT-AT's, Imperial's, SnowTroopers, Wampa's or whichever film mission you pick.  

I passed all the Hoth courses, got a free game and played halfway through Endor, with some little boy standing next to me asking all kinds of questions and I don't know what the hell I was answering to him because I can't kill and talk to anyone at the same time.  I think I said something about Toryn Farr needs to send me some backup, I'm accidentally shooting at Hoth Rebels and missing that damn probe droid that kept flying past!