Tuesday, August 5, 2014


For the first time in four months I've tried round 2 of this BS after more than a 7 year break, I was NOT stood up! LOL ;)

Finally got to watch The Dark Knight and got to hang out with somebody who finally passed my simple test: just be real, don't BS me and lie your ass off and most importantly, be yourself and don't put on a front.  I know that's WAY too much to ask around here, acting like I'm asking somebody to jump through a ring of fire or something - that's not entertaining enough for me, anyway.  

So to "G" (I ain't giving out names LOL), thanks and I appreciate it.  I might be a heathen of a firecracker but I'm not THAT damn difficult to get to know.  But I ain't gonna settle for some prick who's a brick wall to talk to, I'd have a better time watching paint dry.