Monday, August 4, 2014


.....and even though it's only been four months of giving this BS a shot again after a more than 7 year break, this is the LAST person from the DFW area I'm giving a chance.  If THIS one's a fuck-up too, stick a fork in me I'm done LOL ;)  And everyone else "single and looking" or whatevah around here just fall the fuck back and don't speak because my mind's on another location and has been for a while.

Ya'll is WAY too many wannabe catfishes here and ain't a one of ya'll qualifies as "all that".  Not even close. 

And I better not be making this slow cooker Santa Fe dip for MFing NOTHING!  ;)   Ima start popping these idiots' TIRES if they stand me up again, fuck that!  I don't know who the fuck you think I am LOL

*rolls eyes*

"I've had enough of these plastic people wasting my time."