Sunday, November 9, 2014

1991-96 MTV FLASHBACK VOL. 4 1991-97

I haven't done one of these 90's MTV videos compilations in months and have kinda been in the mood for music from that decade lately, specifically the mid 90's.

I remember this single well - I'd bought the Bjork "It's Oh So Quiet" cassette single (which I still own, BTW!) at the record store in my college town before making the 30+ mile drive to my hometown on the windy 210, a backroad in Kentucky, October 1995.  Going around a corner, a car in the oncoming lane swung too closely toward my lane, into my lane, and hit me pretty much head-on.  Other than glass cuts and abrasions, I wasn't injured too badly, but the car had to be replaced.  This was my very first wreck and surprisingly NOT my fault! LOL


After being out all night clubbing in Louisville the summer of 1997, driving back after a night of high BPM dance music, it was nice when the radio played a more subtle hit single at the time that was easy on the ears (and hangover LOL!!)

SPICE GIRLS:  "2 BECOME 1" [1997]

As hard as they tried, their only single by The Party to crack the top 40 was "In My Dreams", a before-its-time techno remake of a Dokken cover from 1991.