Saturday, November 15, 2014


One of my previous posts with the most hits is when I met Austin St. John AKA "Jason" the original red power ranger in October 1995 and tried to keep up with him after he left the show (he returned later as a gold ranger) and knew he was an EMT at some point.  Now apparently he and others from the cast from the original and MMPR movie lineup to Bulk and Skull have been showing up at ComicCon events and other related shows to do Q&A sessions with the fans.  

I'm surprised MMPR has reached the same status as Star Wars and Marvel Comics - but is there much difference between the Rangers and the corny original Flash Gordon series?  An over-the-top main villain (Ming the Merciless VS Rita Repulsa) and really bad special effects and monsters to fight.  MMPR also stole elements from Wizard Of Oz too - from Zordon (The Wizard) to Goldar (flying monkeys). 

Too bad ASJ backed out of acting because he resembled some guy who posed nude for a gay porn website years ago and people thought it was him.  I've seen the pictures and the guy was too tall to be ASJ - I'm 6ft0 and towered standing next to ASJ for a photo.  If I were him, I would have ran with it and gained an even bigger fanbase, letting the amateur model do all the work LOL!!