Monday, November 10, 2014


WatchMojo just recently had a top 10 Boy Bands list, and surprisingly Menudo was #9.  

Menudo is my all-time favorite boy band because they kept it classy and didn't rely on sexual gimmicks the 90's boy bands and beyond are known and reviled for (especially hated by the boyfriends of junior high school aged girls LMAO!!).  They also get respect for crossing over from Puerto Rican/Spanish music into an English crossover pop group in the early 80's and revived that when Menudo reformed as "MDO" in the 2000's - and the rules have changed - you CAN be a member once you've hit puberty, if you haven't already (back then in the 70's-80's with the group, when your voice started to crack or you started to grow facial hair, you had to go and be replaced).

I'm still self-teaching myself that awesome bassline to "Quiero Rock" but this is a forgotten early 80's English crossover gem that I don't happen to have on CD or vinyl....yet:

WATCHMOJO's TOP 10 BOY BAND LIST (from this past weekend):