Friday, January 17, 2014


I'd brought in about 30 condensed-out CD's I'd already saved myself a backup copy of but no longer necessary for my music collection and about four books to Half Price Books the other day, was offered a little over $30 and of course turned around and used half of that for some finds I'd came across while they were looking over my stuff until they paged me over the intercom to get a price offer.

Good enough for me, all those CD's were already set out and unsold from last year's yard sale.  So I got a bunch of unwanted CD's off my hands and got all this cool stuff:

A talking bobblehead of 1/2 of Beavis & Butt-Head (they didn't have Beavis!), an older PS2 Star Wars game starring Master Adi Gallia in the lead role, an Alice Deejay CD and several 45 RPM's (3 for 99 cents!).  I was especially thrilled with the Friends Of Distinction single, not far behind the 70's Supremes as being one of my all-time favorite groups from that decade.  

There's plenty more unwanted CD's where THAT came from, HPB - and I might box them up and bring them over this weekend! LOL