Tuesday, January 21, 2014


If the folks at NASA has great photo technology and can de-blur black and white surveillance tapes in investigations, then I'm betting that same technology can make clear this photo what was found stored in Elmer Wayne Henley's belongings, in a field inside an old school bus, for over forty years.  A victim of either Dean Corll, Wayne Henley, or both.

Josh Vargas found the polaroid photo while looking for props for his film In A Madman's World - the parents of Henley gave him permission.  This victim in the photo is obviously terrified but is not one of the bodies that has been identified, nor is he the one victim's body who's left to be identified.  

Henley was shown the photo in prison, and he didn't recognize the boy.  Well how can you?  It's old, and time and the conditions of which the photo was stored for 40 years was bad.  

But if NASA can de-blur and make the photo clear, the young man would be much easier for a family member to recognize.  Campaign, my fellow Crime Inc. fans and supporters of Josh Vargas' film!

I also call for the city of Houston, Texas to excavate the property of the old Corll candy company.  It was reported Dean Corll had been cementing over "spoiled candy"......ever heard of a fucking DUMPSTER?  I call bullshit.  More like "bodies of young men and/or boys".  That MFer ain't fool ME!

It's quite possible the victim found in the polaroid in Henley's old belongings is on that property, but most definitely some young men will finally return to their families and friends who's been looking for them for over 40 years.  Dean Corll was obviously operating alone even before David Brooks and Wayne Henley joined him in the killing of nearly 30 young men in the early 70's.  The original police investigation was lazy and at least one victim at the beach burial site had been discovered since the initial excavating of bodies.  

Houston PD, you have lots of unfinished business and forty years overdue.  Don't MAKE me start a hellraising campaign over this, I've had ya'll in my sights for a long time. 

Unfamiliar with the infamous and far-from-over case of the Houston Mass Murders from 1970-73?  

Well then, DON'T be........

I can go General Grievous on you, Houston PD, if I have to!  LISS-ten to me!