Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm not EVEN going to bother pointing out Pedo-Panda in a girl's bedroom and pillow fighting with this lil "clubbin" and "ballin" skank and her lil friends.  Bitch, you know you ain't old enough to get into ANY club - not even if you were sponsored in particular clubs by somebody 21 or older because you STILL have to be 18 and older TO be sponsored in those clubs what permits it (and only a small few I know of that does "sponsors", where you both turn in your license and pick it up when you leave).  

A restaurant with ONLY pre-teens and Pedo-Panda there, while the girl is singing about broccoli being "beautiful"?  THIS little heifer gives WAY too much praise to this so-called "Chinese food".

Which, by the way, bitch - is normally cooked by Mexican's in the back.  So what you're really eating is just a fucked-up version of Chinese - the real deal is when they put on the little show with their knives and chef's hat.  And my chair is scooted as far back as I can, I don't trust nobody balancing an uncooked egg on a spatula - that's not entertaining at all!  THAT'S called a "pain in the ass, all for a meal!".

Bullsheeit like this "Chinese Food" "song" makes me seriously miss the "music" of Vanilla Ice.  Hell, even "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred is more desirable than this caca.

WHAT would have made her video a little more interesting is if it had a cameo of that blonde bitch from California, Alexandra Washington - known for her "OOOHHHH Ching Ching Ling Long Ting Tong?!?" remark on her viral video in 2012 LMAO 

THAT bitch should have gotten in a chorus or something, about how the Asians are on their phones while having Chinese food.  Something stupid.  

Like THIS shit.

The ONLY one good thing about this "Chinese Food" BS is the typical Japanese man at the beginning of the video, cursing somebody the hell out while he's working the Mongolian grill!