Wednesday, January 8, 2014


First of all, thanks to my longtime friend from the 70's Supremes Clan, Jim Deery from Pennsylvania, for sending me his old copy of the 70's Supremes fanmade newsletter, October 1976 edition.

This date of print is kinda weird because it's not only the month/year the final Supremes LP Mary, Scherrie & Susaye was released, it was also the same month/year I was born.  Oh good lord Mumm-Ra, this newsletter is the same age as myself.

Jim and I both have always unanimously agreed Mary, Scherrie & Susaye was overall their best album - their last was their best, IMO.  Listening to it, it's kinda hard to believe the group began as a doo-wop backup group for The Temptations (at that early point, named The Primes and Primettes), and evolved into a classy disco group.

This was shortly after Cindy Birdsong left The Supremes for maternity leave again, I believe, and was replaced by Susaye Greene, who'd previously worked with Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles.

Contrary to what 1979ish Mary Wilson-hired backup singer claims about her own self, Susaye Greene was the last official member of The Supremes to sign onto Motown.  Anyone claiming to be a member of the group beyond that is simply an imposter.  Currently, there's seven living Supremes - and Kaaaaaren Ragland unfortunately isn't one of them.  

Thanks again for sending me this to scan, Jim!  Without you original 70's Supremes fans (Jersey Joe, David S., etc. included), we heathen younger fans wouldn't have much information and other cool things related to the IMO better decade of The Supremes' music, and the unsung Motown voices of Jean, Scherrie, Susaye and Lynda.