Friday, January 3, 2014


Not only is Jacko's scary scarecrow performance in Motown's 1978 cult classic and one of my all-time favorite 420 classics one of the best from the film but there's something unique for us bassoon geeks: in the second verse, two bassoons comes into the song, and after singing the chorus the second time with the crows, the two bassoonist's duel as the instrumental solo - fucking awesome!  It's rare you hear a bassoon used in any kind of pop music, but representing the crows is the perfect instrument to use.  It's also useful played to describe marionettes and things of that sort, in classical music.  

My first year of band, I quickly dropped the trombone, as I'd seen an 8th grade bassoon player and wanted to try that instrument instead.  My junior high school had an extra plastic bassoon owned by the school and let me take it home, with a book including the charts for the thumbs/fingers for each note.  I spent time @ my grandma's learning at least ONE octave on the instrument, and for the rest of that year only played within that range (middle F to low F) for the rest of the school year!! LMAO  I had to write on my sheet music and bring each and every note for the most part down one line on the bar.  I got better.  Bassoon is my primary woodwind instrument, played it for 2 years before I actually sat down with somebody and had a lesson!

Best bassoon duel ever!  We are a dying breed.