Sunday, January 5, 2014


I'd been meaning to go to one of the local discount stores other than Five Below in the past couple weeks and got to Marshall's tonight before closing at 8PM.  Other than a couple clothes items, here's the fun stuff from the haul:

I'd already found one AAT at the Arlington TJ Maxx (same company as Marshall's) a few months ago, and it was red-stickered like $8.  The reason obviously being it was missing decals and you can go to hell if you think I'm contacting Hasbro about replacing them!  I remember last year's missing AT-AP decals fiasco all too well and I'm surprised Hasbro didn't send me a bomb instead of the unnecessary AT-AP replacement when all I needed were the two G.D. decals and that's all!  WHATEVAH!!

I can trust the decals are included in this one because the Scotch tape on both sides of the box are intact.  The Lego book, I'd been wanting, to know which Star Wars characters have in fact been made into minifigures (at least up until recently) and which ones are customs.  I didn't know EV-9D9 (torture droid, Jabba's Palace) was made into a Lego figure - must have been an older Lego set.

Joop! was my favorite cologne from the mid 90's-early 2000's and haven't owned a bottle in forever.

At my most favorite bar in Orlando I'd mentioned before, somebody I was on/off with at the time said it was easy to know whether or not I was already there because I wore Joop! and it stood out among the crowd mostly wearing stuff like Stetson and the more cowboyish-themed fragrances.

Well, at least you recognized I was already there because you recognized a DECENT and CLEAN scent - and I did NOT bathe in the shit, a couple sprays and you're set! LOL

Lingonberry preserves for baking.  If you've ever tried the Swedish Pancakes from IHOP's "international pancakes" line on the menu, lingonberries are the garnish on the thin pancakes.  

I didn't buy it because for one, I ain't got the room for it, but the enormous Trade Federation MTT with like 20 included Battle Droids can now be found @ Marshall's and TJ Maxx too, I'd assume.

"Wipe them out......ALL of them"