Sunday, January 12, 2014


I remember sitting with my friend in her little novelty store @ the same club property I'd worked security for the first couple weeks or so immediately after moving there, and while yapping, had somehow managed to go through an entire 6-pack of that disgusting Bud Ice, which I'll NEVER touch again!  This was when it first came out and was giving it a trial - and since after the sixth bottle made me sick as fuck, I guess THAT counts.  

And the times I had Hot Damn 150 or whatever and THAT shit just makes me meaner than a snake and can piss off a dozen people at the club or bar in one night after just a couple shots of HD.  Well, DON'T get fresh with or hit on me and I'd have no REASON to be a smartass to you and have you pissed off at me the rest of the night.  Handle whatever problem you got with it because I'll likely NOT remember all this tomorrow LOL

Totally blitzed off 50% drink/50% 420 and I'll get about half as silly as this bimbo, except I'd like take off running, with everyone else running behind me, screaming "I HAVE YOUR KEYS!!!".  And then I fish out my spare key and say "Bull-effing-sheeit YOU DO!".  So I guess it's just as amusing to everyone else around at the time, as this crawler/skipper/jogger is drawing attention to herself.  

Oh yeah, and I'll totally have to save my 21st B-Day story for another day.  Crown Royal, Long Island Iced Tea and lots of both.  I'm making myself sick thinking about it because I'm totally reformed and very rarely drink anymore as I'd rather have 420 - no hangover plus I've long ago grown out of getting "the munchies" afterwards and no weight gain worry, with my borderline Karen Carpenter appetite.  Just coffee or caffeine, lots of it.   

GULL, do you need one of those Wal-Mart electro-buggies?