Sunday, January 12, 2014


BOTH dirty old bags, obviously in the "support ME, fuck what DNA say!!" system a while, are trying to push off their easy granddaughter's baby on, in one case, a decent educated guy, and the other guy just plain needs some Ritalin or something to calm his ass down for a few.  

And after ALL the shit-talking they done about the guys, not a single apology from either filthy old cow.

MORE reasons it's a good thing I never got involved in that BS - imagine the trash having to associate with whoever's family.  I'd end up with a collection of severed dyke tongues in less than a week.  And the only time I can hang with a woman more a man than me is when I'm hunting tall lezbulldaggers for bodyguards when I go club hopping and have to walk down a dark alley un-armed.  

It's almost like Poison Ivy with her pet Bane!

Pathetic loud-ass entitled breeding cows and nothing more.  The FOUR of them.