Thursday, January 2, 2014


This is the current updated "saved fortunes" scrapbooking page, which is a collection saved from the mid-90's up to 2013.  The worn-looking "fortunes" are definitely the older ones, from Kentucky to Florida to Texas! LOL

I'm sure a few more older fortunes are still hiding in all my old papers and things saved from back in the day, so I may have to someday begin a 2nd page because I'm starting to run out of room and having to tape them over stickers! LOL

The newest page I've began is a 1994 college Honor's Band event, which pulled together students from high school bands in 3ish states, Kentucky included. 

That year, the top of two bands were conducted by composer David Holsinger, who provided the band with a couple of his own pieces, along with about 4 more performances on the setlist.  I was in that top group, taken about four photos of him and got him to autograph my program too.  

Best of all, it was professionally recorded and everyone got a copy of the tape!  I had a good time, and was fascinated by the English Horn sitting next to me, had never seen one before up until that point (a larger oboe, with a bulb-shaped bell and used in pop music sometimes).  

Funny enough, Holsinger's tune we'd performed there was so good, my band director used it that year in concert band, recorded our band playing it, which me and a small group of band members had to use as part of our Drum Major/Field Commander auditions (I'd also used some Empire Strikes Back by John Williams for that too, of course!).  

And we used it AGAIN for marching band that next summer, and a year later, was used in my college marching band's show in 1995.  Talk about "burned out on one piece of music" - it was called "On An American Spiritual" and I have the recording of it around here somewhere.