Thursday, October 16, 2014


It was no surprise the "friendship" with JP was fickle and brief - nothing I haven't seen a hunnert times in Dallas/Fort Worth - but if anything, I'll thank his ass for finally getting me back into the Halloween spirit.  In 2000, I was decorating as early as late August.  Here it is mid-October and I'm just now getting started.  

But as my first/new shrink says, I'm "a resilient person" so I'll get whatever I want done in time this year.  

A shame with JP - but I've came to expect nothing more/less than superficiality, even with guys my own age in DFW.  That whole "friend who's into Halloween as much as myself" BS song and dance was all an illusion, too.  Dallatude is contagious and thankfully never caught it and never will.  I have my OWN god damn unique attitude! LOL

Not much longer til I'm outta this unlikeable vermin central, anyway.  They can have themselves, just leave me the fuck out of it.