Sunday, October 12, 2014


I was checking the hours of the local TRU store in case I might be able to snatch up the new TBS/ROTJ Ree-Yee's first-ever figure since POTF2's sub-par 5-POA figure from the mid 90s and look what review I found on my closest Toys 'R' Us store, and as rarely as I shop there, that's the location I'll 9 times out of 10 stop by.  

SERIOUSLY.  Since there's no man I know, gay or straight, who don't givva fuck about the condition of a urinal room, I'm going to assume this is one of those loud-ass "Mommies" as the lactating gang of future fatherless bastard factories doing the complaining refers to themselves.  I have no problems if you wanna reproduce but you shouldn't take everyone else down with you when it comes to your prissy sanitary needs.

Bitch, you DO know your public school system kid is gonna catch head lice by the time he or she's approx seven years of age, right?  Chicken pox, too.  So stop demanding everyone cater 2 u like Destiny's Child because you're currently emotionally unstable, and when it comes to women in Texas, 99 times outta 100, were already fucking unstable to begin with, BEFORE the kid came into the picture.  Like that Desiree whore I about dragged all around that Diamond Shamrock while she was shortly my assistant manager a few years ago here in Fort Worth.

Back to the kookoo lady, what a walking talking douche bag.  That ain't gonna ruin my fun if I stop by this evening (with less than 2 hours left to go, if I do).  I can honestly say I've never been in a TRU store long enough to need to take a piss, much less go near the restroom.  

On the other hand, this COULD be Larry Craig writing the fucking complaint! taptaptaptap.

And that's my Millie Jackson for the helluvit rant for the evening and I hope it irritated the hell outta you.  If it made you giggle a couple times at my outta control heathen ass, I love ya.  Kinda.