Sunday, October 12, 2014


The first from The Black Series I've bought since Darth Plagueis much earlier this year: Toryn Farr to go with my decent little Empire Strikes Back/Hoth collection and the first time Farr has ever been made as an action figure.

And I used up what will probably be the very last of my store credit from previously sold CD's and DVD's (cash only from now on LOL) buys from Movie Trading Company nextdoor to Toys 'R' Us.  I'm sure everyone was getting tired of my Animal Muppet cap, so I have a couple new headgear: a Storm Trooper and Boba Fett toboggan style hat (they also had Leia and Vader).  

And this loose Shaak Ti I'm very sure I don't have because (a) she doesn't have the long plate at the front of her skirt and her makeup application looks different than the ROTS figure.  I'm going to take a wild guess and say this is from the Jedi Council scene screen set, if not the 1-on-1 Geonosian battle pack figure.  Somebody with better knowledge on this can tell me.