Monday, October 20, 2014


Well, more "stoned" at the moment than "wasted".  Plus I had a hard time getting comfortable with my little bowling ball in a couple of the pictures.

It was like only yesterday in spring of 2004 that I'd checked out a free litter of kittens, and the runt of the litter who happened to be snoozing the entire time kissed my hand and face when I picked her up to inspect her cute little oversized bunny ears.  "OK, you're sweet - Welcome to the family!".  Since bringing her home, Minnie has insisted on sleeping beside me, power nap or bedtime.  I never sleep alone.  

When I relocate, I will bring Minnie with me because if I left her behind, I know pets can literally die of a broken heart.  And that would happen with the kitty who looks at me, Scott Sidious, as the best thing since sliced bread.  I took care of her as a tiny 5 week old baby and she's repaid me by keeping me under Minnie surveillance since.  Gotta love my Minnie Bunny!