Saturday, October 18, 2014


And how random the song selection is!  I'd gathered up some random cuts from my massive CD and music collection to have something "new" to listen to while out running a couple errands today, since I haven't made a "travel CD" in months.  It gives me a chance to once again hear something I don't always keep available 24/7 on my iPod; as well as in THIS particular case, a chance to hear once again some of the music I was clubbing to in 1997ish (at least 5 cuts picked from that time period).  

If a random and eclectic playlist is something you're in the mood for, I just uploaded//made it available at SendSpace (click here to download the CDR collection as a Zip file), totally free of course.  If you burn it and give it a listen and want to give feedback on any of the cuts of the compilation in general, feel free to chime in on this post in the comments.  

At least it'll give ya something to listen to over the weekend! ;)  Enjoy:

Tracklisting here 
(cuts in this exact order - approx 1 hour of music):

You're welcome ;)