Thursday, October 16, 2014


I already have the stuff ready to go in totes and boxes and both Friday and Saturday look do-able to finally have a yard sale uninterrupted by brutal heat or rain.  At least I HOPE that MSN is accurate so close to the weekend!  It's mostly smaller items I'm just going to mark down to 50 cents or less, $1 CD's (since I already have backup copies made), and maybe even some "no longer want/need" Star Wars items.  

I may have to get some more quarters and single $1 bills before tomorrow from the bank or something, and while I'm at it, have at least $10 in pre-rolled pennies I've been meaning to exchange in and rid myself of LOL!!  

If I do actually have the yard sale either Friday or Saturday, I'll make a last minute announcement to Craigslist and maybe the local Topix boards and of course anyone I know locally can stop by.  I'm pretty much 85% good to go and just need to decide when to bring everything out into the front walkway and just in case, throw a tarp over it for the night.  Anything to get rid of the "hoarder" and "don't need anymore" crap - including that MFing FURBY!!

Any local friends interested, message me for an address.  But no stalkers.  Unless you'd like to meet The Peace Maker, then come on over! ;)

And LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!  I haven't made a so-called "complete breakfast" in years but only one egg and slice of bacon was for myself - I eat like a bird, the roomie can have whatever he wants of the rest. Adderall does that to your appetite!

It's been long postponed and interrupted by bad weather a couple times this year so hopefully I can finally get this yard sale bullshit over with, once and for all DAMN!!