Sunday, December 21, 2014


Obviously my favorite vintage Kenner SW figure, from their final Power Of The Force line in 1985.  I've never gotten one of the super-sized jumbo Kenner figures by Gentle Giant because they haven't gotten around to him just yet - Amanaman would be one of their more complex projects of the original SW vintage line, including the trophy staff.  And they better not skimp on the staff, because all other Gentle Giant figure came with their super-sized accessory, too.


I've always called Amanaman the "Jeffrey Dahmer of the Star Wars galaxy" because Dahmer saved a majority of his male victims' skulls and was planning on building a meditation shrine with them - his drunk careless ass got himself arrested and ended all those plans LOL

Plus a Gentle Giant super-size EV-9D9 and 8D8 Kenner torture droids would be nice, too!

Both me AND Matt from X-Entertainment AKA Dinosaur Dracula are more attached to Return Of The Jedi because that's the SW film WE remember being marketed heavily to us kids in 1983.  I have no childhood memories of Empire Strikes Back or the original SW, pretty much before my time.