Saturday, December 20, 2014


Dawn Davenport (Divine) REALLY wanted those cha-cha heels for Xmas!

I have no earthly idea what cha-cha heels are.  I know what boots are and that's as far as my expertise in footwear goes.  And the only time I ever done drag was for a joke or to get a rise out of somebody (or whenever I go as an undercover proskitkute), and even then, didn't wear any special kind of shoes at the time, much less ones I'd have to practice walking in.  The types and styles of female shoes are Greek to me.

John Waters' Female Trouble is no holiday movie, it's just this particular scene in which Divine is beyond disappointed that he didn't get the shoes he asked for on Xmas.  I could see myself behaving like that!

"THIS ain't the taser I wanted - it's YELLOW!!  I said I wanted the PINK one because what's more shocking than getting zapped is seeing a 6ft MFer like me pulling out a pink taser before firing.  So it's TWICE the shock!!  It'll give the punk something to talk about with the other thugs while he's getting booked!"