Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Apparently Isis got as excited over my little Episode I: The Phantom Menace figure setup as much as George Lucas got maniacally excited over reissuing that same film 3-D in theaters over a decade after its' original release and ordered Hasbro to manufacture enough Vintage Collection figures not only one for every single person on the planet and their mother-in-law, but doubles for everyone, too, so you can keep one new/on-the-card as a souvenir.  For going to the theater to see a film which I clearly recall originally got the reaction of beyond-butthurt fans cursing and kicking up a storm outside of the theater and let every camera in sight hear of their disapproval, and for some, threats of suicide from a handful of unstable original trilogy only purists.  Then why did you go see Episode I in the first place?!?  Some of these fans need to go get laid or something, shit!  

For ME, it's worth sitting through since Darth Sidious' mysterious awesome 1-liner hologram appearances are sprinkled throughout the film, enough to keep my attention.  Plus the goofy and awkward Naboo battle with the Gungans VS. Trade Federation is amusing enough.   Still kinda pissed that Jedi Council member Depa Billaba had no speaking lines or got any Jedi action, being one of my most favorite Jedi Masters with so much badass potential, being Samuel L. Jackson's former Padawan and all.  And never given a chance, plus a missed opportunity to join The Clone Wars huge cast of Jedi, too.  Only a brief mention of her in Star Wars: Rebels

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Miss Nosey - so I forgive you for at least attacking that sniveling, duplicitous Viceroy Nute Gunray and his lackies next to the AAT.  Isis is now exploring the house more instead of confined to "her area" (two rooms), so I guess I'll have to move this up to a higher place.  She's grown and even bigger than Chloe now.  Which confuses me because the at least 5X daily Chloe chasing Isis through the house and then Isis returning the chase, just like Pac-Man's pets Chomp-Chomp and Sour Puss continues.  Heathen kitties, they make no sense to me LOL

Because the gummed envelopes that came with my box of Xmas cards don't seal that well (they're the old fashioned lick/seal, not adhesive), friends receiving cards from me this year will most definitely know who the card is from when sorting through their snail mail sometime this week (if they haven't received one from me already).  


Unintentionally breaking a heart or two.  Don't be mad I'm relocating and ain't nobody got time for that right now.  You should have found me long ago - I've been in DFW since 2000! LOL