Saturday, December 13, 2014


Plastic Galaxy is a must-see for anyone interested in collecting vintage Star Wars as well as those who've been into the hobby since 1977.  A little over an hour long, the only person I recognize was ol' Steve Sansweet from Rancho Obi-Wan, who I'd like to eventually meet at a Star Wars event - if you have any questions about any figure ever made, including bootlegs overseas, he's the person to ask.  

Over half of the information I already knew - like why Hammerhead and Walrus Man's figure costumes were so unusual and bright colored - the factory had no body photos of the costume from the movie set, only head and face shots, and had to improvise from the neck-down.  Very little time was spent discussing the ROTJ and POTF and later Droids/Ewoks lines, the majority talking about the first movie and ESB's toylines.  But at least they shown the hard copy mold of the 1985 Amanaman figure and how the body and arms were designed - a shout-out to the heathen fans *raises hand*!!

Next documentary on my "to see" list, maybe tonight: The Hunt For Shorty - about Mexico's El Chapo AKA the Jabba gangster south of the border HO HO HO HO HOooooooo