Monday, December 8, 2014


I know I've been on a Menudo kick lately and just as much, their reunion group "Reencuentro" - pretty much the same concept as Former Ladies Of The Supremes (The FLOS).  A reunited incarnation of the group that includes members from different lineups of the original group.  At least two of them present here in Reencuentro were Menudo members when "Claridad" was recorded/released in 1981. 

They still got it - the original choreography down and sound just as good together than they did on the original recording. 

"Claridad" has became my "flavor of the weekend" temporarily favorite song - which usually happens when I haven't heard a particular decent song in forever and giving it another listen! ;)

Gotta love the bassline from the original 1981 version. My friend Edgar from Panama would appreciate this post, I believe he'd made a Menudo documentary a while back.