Tuesday, December 23, 2014


My very first job was waiter/server at a small town Pizza Hut and for that location, I could handle it.  I knew at least half of the customers and vice versa and could cut up with everyone, including out-of-towners.  I can be a people person when I WANT to DAMMIT!!  But my last little gig didn't last long - a 3rd shift/nights at a Denny's in Grand Prairie (outside of Arlington).  We'd always get 90% drunks, including weekdays - belligerent as  hell.  Acting a loose cannon when there's only ONE loose cannon in the room and you're looking right at him.  

When one of the (usually a guy) "guests" would call me something, directly, or under their breath, I let them know I can hear them, which then turns into an all-out cussing match until they stormed outta the place.  Bitch, I ain't nobody's punching bag.  Nor am I anyone's bitch.  If I'm nice and polite to you and you return it with being an asshole, I can be 10X just that and will fire right back.  To be honest, the only good customers I ever waited on at that Denny's were the black female strippers (or "skrippers", if you're ghetto) - they were fun with me and vice versa and they tipped well.  A lot of people can't deal with waiting on sistas, I was always thrilled to because we have so much in common - like going from all cute to bulldog within a matter of seconds! LOL  I watched and learned from Shirley Hemphill in What's Happening!!!   TURKEY!!