Sunday, December 7, 2014


I had about $24 store credit at Movie Trading Company plus a coupon for 25% off any non-recent PS2 games (do they still even MAKE PS2 games anymore?!?  Let me evolve with gaming at my own damn pace, Q*Bert was and will always be my first love in the gaming world!! LOL).

I'd seen gameplay of the Scooby-Doo PS2 game on YouTube and it must be good because it's a PS2 Greatest Hits title - a retro Mystery Inc. flashback to battle with all the old original monsters from the show like The Creeper and those green ghosts with the hilarious laugh from A Night Of Fright Is No Delight I believe was the episode title.  Like 20ish classic bad guys from the original Hanna-Barbera show are boss battles, I'm assuming. 

The SBSP game looks like a "party game" including several mini-contest games and probably a lot like Muppet Party Cruise for PS2.  Those are always fun, and the less time-consuming the game, the better.  I ain't spending a lifetime trying to find all kinds of hidden items that I'll most definitely need a BradyGames manual with a map to finish, like I needed for the first two Kingdom Hearts games - I couldn't have gotten as far as I did without that help.  I haven't had to use it much but ordered the Lego Star Wars (prequels) BradyGames book for whenever I get stuck, but I'm trying to complete the game without much if any help or tips.

The Star Wars section was pretty much the same as last time except they had a scratched-up 1983/84 Weequay figure from ROTJ for $4 but I can find one in much better condition some other time.  Thanks to George Lucas beating the fans upside the head with Episode I in 3-D/The Phantom Menace for an entire year to the point they were selling Vintage Collection figures from the TPM 3-D reissue in MFing wheelbarrowful's at Five Below.  I know this because last Xmas Eve, I bought an assortment of about $40-50 of them with a "use anywhere" giftcard I'd set aside from the previous Xmas LOL.  Yeah, I can hang onto a gift card and not use it for THAT long!  My point is I kinda like the movie now and got a carded Power Of The Jedi (POTJ) Sabe' from 2000/01, the decoy/bodyguard of Queen Amidala, wearing the costume from the epic scene in which The Queen of Naboo, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Captain Panaka and the gang join forces with the Gungans to whoop some Trade Federation ass.   

 And because of all that 2012 TPM ubiquity, I'd given the movie a second and third viewing and now I enjoy it much more, looking at it from the point of view of Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious, who I can most relate to from the movie.  The only difference is Palpatine's all about greed and power and I'm the total opposite - MY dark side is being the antihero and driving to the brink of insanity and hopping furious the untreated beyond-right-wing who plagiarizes Hitler and Himmler to speak against people who's minding their own business, to pedophiles and the easy, cheap excuses for "women" who assist and protect them.  If there's one person on the planet who can throw those punks for a loop and bite their own tongue until it's bleeding, it's MY bitch ass.  So the only things Palpatine and I really have in common is being mysterious and enjoying every second of when "it's very good to be very bad" time.  OK, and I enjoyed seeing the heads rolling in Episode III, too - Separatists!  
What's so wrong with THAT?!?  ;)

I haven't written much lately so hopefully this will suffice (while I'm in the mood to BS and run my gator for a few) until I get my old original hard drive files recovered - but I'll start on some new stuff too very soon, including that Lego SBSB Flying Dutchman's ship.  As long as the kitties leave it alone long enough for me to assemble it!

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