Monday, December 8, 2014


The only thing I hated about the then-new 2012 Vintage Collection vehicles was they included decals - don't EVEN get me started on that fucked-up missing decals fiasco involving that Episode III Vintage Collection AT-AP with that AWESOME box artwork featuring Master Luminara which lasted most of that year between me and Hasbro's sales rep's and the guys at JTA getting an earful of my Millie Jackson language.  It was just TWO.  MFing.  DECALS!!!  YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO REPLACE THE WHOLE DAMN THING AND SEND ME A NEW AT-AP!!! LOL!!!  Regardless, I ended up with not one, not two, but THREE Vintage Collection AT-AP's before 2012 was over with.

Like my 3rd and final AT-AP, I picked up Obi-Wan's Episode III Starfighter when Wal-Mart marked all the vehicles down to $20 clearance (at least the stores in my area) later in the year.  I LOL'ed at this employee ringing up my items when I purchased the ship - an older black male I'd say in his 50's-60's, and he was informing me like it was imperative that I have the Revenge Of The Sith Vintage Collection Obi-Wan with his pilot headgear and robe.  And I informed the cashier "I beat you to it, I already own Vintage Collection Episode III Master Kenobi and he's still new on the card at home - but I appreciate the suggestion from a fellow SW fan!".

If I thought the AT-AP's two decals were a pain in the ass - Obi-Wan's Starfighter comes with a sheet of damn near 35-40 of them, and a few of them are just extras that you can add freely as you MFing please.  I'm all irritated at the moment talking about decals.

Let's cut this BS short - I got Vintage Collection Episode III Obi-Wan here, sitting in the cockpit of his Episode III Vintage Collection Starfighter.  Would be cool if I could hang it from the ceiling with either wire or maybe get a spool of some strong fishing line.  Any suggestions on THAT? ;)