Thursday, December 18, 2014


It's a week away from Xmas and something fucked-up ALWAYS happens every year, so I'm sure this year will meet somebody interesting in the chain of events of whatever's in store for me this year.  Last year, as it was snowing on Xmas Eve, a back tire not only went flat but apparently had ran over something sharp before pulling into the Tom Thumb parking lot for some groceries.  Had to leave it there overnight until a tow truck could pick it up and bring it to Firestone the day after Xmas.  

The Xmas the year before, water pipes in the house burst and the carpet in the living room and one bedroom were drenched.  A jackhammer had to be brought in, the entire living room floor torn up to fix the water pipes below, and the carpet was ruined more than the original owner's had left it.  The floor was re-cemented over and the following Spring, got new carpet in those damaged rooms. 

I'm actually kinda hoping for a Black Christmas situation this year, something exciting like that.