Monday, September 8, 2014


I'd totally missed this 1990 gem by Leland back in the day, a 3-player arcade instant classic I randomly found on my MAME arcade emulator collection and is now ranked high up there with Q*Bert in my book! 

Pigout begins with your pig escaping from Al's Butcher Shop (LMAO I'm ALREADY liking where this is going!) and collecting 5 jars of jam on each creative and interactive screen while pigging out and running from the butcher, wolves and even the 5-0, who's ready to go Deputy Garcia upside yo head with his night stick.  Being chased by your foes and avoid becoming literal spam, running in front of the fire house and through the library and Italian restaurant.

It's one of those addictive games you never get tired of and will become a perennial favorite.  Sucks that it's not very well-known and was never released on any home consoles.