Thursday, September 11, 2014


So I don't overwhelm them over at MTC, I've only been bringing 1-2 carry totes at a time of a mix of DVD/CD/video game to lighten the moving load when relocating in the near future.  Unfortunately even though I'd sometimes get $10-20 more if I got store credit instead of cash, but I'm trying to REDUCE my enormous collection, not add to it.

However, I couldn't pass on the second Bultar Swan figure I'd never seen before, which came with another Jedi figure and both included with a comic book several years ago.  

I was hoping to see Swan make an appearance in The Clone Wars, but there might be a chance in Rebels, because she survived the initial Jedi Purge and was later killed during a Jedi clusterfuck to kill Darth Vader - and failed.  That's what this figure is based on - her non-Jedi outfit and included her green light saber.  

Mimi Daraphet played Bultar Swan in Episode II and allegedly was fitted for an Episode III costume, but to my knowledge never filmed or acted in any unused footage - but you never know, knowing George.

I still wanted to take a few pictures while I was there - always fun to show the motley mix of figures from different lines that haven't been on retail pegs in years.