Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I guess you can say Q*Bert and all the other retro games of the early 80's still represents my fun juvenile side  and what I grown  up with just like my fellow Star Wars fans still have a lot of love for their original Kenner vintage action figures they grown up with (Star Wars and the huge following began shortly before my time and my only childhood SW memory is Jabba - as if I could miss him - and the Sy Snootles band from Return Of The Jedi, also from 1983).  

I always said I wanted to be cremated in a Q*Bert arcade cabinet - just burn up the both of us.  And don't bring the marshmallows, that's just creepy.

Whenever I have idle hands for a few minutes, I work on these from a printed-out 1983 Q*Bert coloring book I'd found on the internet - you can find that at this link and thanks to Peter H. for scanning it!  

Once I have enough of these colored in, I have a larger than 20X20 frame to use with them.