Thursday, September 4, 2014


I rented the MMPR: The Fighting Edition game when it was released in fall 1995 to coincide with the show season following the MMPR Movie and haven't played it since.  Mortal Kombat MMPR-TFE is not.  

Other than jumping and left to right movement, your fighting Zord or enemy has 3 basic moves and nothing special like a FATALITY!  Unless you count Lord Zedd and Rita's monsters exploding after defeating them a fatality.

There's about as many playable characters as the original Street Fighter II for Super NES and two of them are the Ninja Megazord from the movie and the gargantuan Shogun Megazord from the 1995/96 season of MMPR.  

I could only handle 10 minutes of this in story mode.  It's (barely) more fun with 2 players so you can curse each other out while beating up on each other. 

Did I mention the "action" is slow.