Sunday, September 7, 2014


Unlike Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, Q*Bert only gets a revival once every decade or so since 1983.  First Q*Bert 3 for Super NES in 1992 then a 3-D Q*Bert for PC/Playstation in 1999/2000.  You'd think because of the cameo of Q*Bert, Coily, Ugg and the guys in Wreck-It Ralph, something new would be out by now.  

In Q*Bert 3 for the Super Nintendo, all the old original enemies are present, including a couple new ones - a frog and something that looks like a purple Hershey's Kiss.  Sometimes the 3-D controls can be tricky on this one and the moving/flashing/blinking backgrounds unnerving if you're stoned outta your mind while playing this!  I plead the 5th on that remark.