Saturday, September 13, 2014


"Organized" is far from my middle name - I guess sometimes I'll throw together a mixing block on the fly, set it on the backburner and forget about it over time.  This one includes La Bouche featuring Melanie Thornton, Alice Deejay, LFO when they were originally known as Lyte Funky Ones, and a couple others.  

Not including vinyl, I believe I already have a good 75% of my CD format music ripped onto my external drive I can take anywhere - and will get another drive to make a backup copy of the original.  Because the CD's I don't want to keep or aren't collectible already have or will soon be dumped off at Movie Trading Company and turned into future relocation funds.  

I love my enormous music collection and having one that extensive in physical (non-digital) form, but I love my sanity and freedom more and I'll take the latter.  But nobody's getting my Supremes stuff - MINE!!

OK, I just finished toasting some deli bread slices and off to deliver my famous bruschetta to Dr. Mario and crew.  I decided to wait until mid-week so it'll be a friendly gesture to get them through til Friday.  Being my friend has its' advantages - whether a person to do a good deed or a deadly ally, whichever one you need - I can do both! LOL

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