Sunday, September 7, 2014


I started on it a couple weeks ago, slow cooked it for 3ish days as I added ingredients to it.  Then cooled it off in the original mini crockpot until it got to this thicker consistency as you can see.  Everyone knows I think the world of Dr. Mario and crew and they always request my famous bruschetta and made this batch mostly for them LOL  

Before I bring it by their office sometime tomorrow, I'll get some deli bread and make some mini toast slices to serve with them.  And tomorrow will start heating it while adding some sliced green olives at the last minute and I save/sanitize small condiment jars so I don't have to spend fucking $12 on a 10 pack of mason jars, fuck that.  As long as it's homemade and good - and since it's made by myself, it IS, they don't givva fuck how I deliver it!

And if I made their day a little better, fucking A ;)