Thursday, October 9, 2014


This is a small portion of what I'm bringing to sell off at a Dallas action figure store, including over 20 carded figures - whatever it takes for moving funds to get outta here.  Not knowing anyone and only meeting superficial, plastic, inconsistent excuses for people is about to drive me mad here.  Like my spontaneous move to Orlando, I don't have a day set just yet but it won't be too long.  When you're in fight or flight mode, everything's possible.  Which also means I might not be heard from for a while if not longer depending on where I go.  Kentucky and Florida is outta the question.  This isn't the right environment for me here, it's not healthy. 

So in short, if you're familiar with the Shatterpoint story, you may find me in the same condition as Jedi council member Depa Billaba when it's all said and done.  My direction, focus and humanity is waning by the day so the sooner I get outta here, the better.  If I were smart, I'd head towards where the Star Wars fanbase is bigger and more active and could maybe join the 501st Legion.  But not if they're as superficial as the punks in DFW, we may be enemies, too.

Desperate to begin a new chapter.  Help me, Obi-Wan.  You my only hope.  Or something.